Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I was just fine without it here
and now it's tortured my body and left me in fear.
Fear of not knowing what day will be bad,
when will it hurt, when will I be sad.
Once I could stand up, walk on, and be strong.
I could go to a job and work all day long.
Come home, pick up, and play with the kids.
Share laughs with my husband and get lost in him.
Fibro came in and changed my life,
damaged me as a person, friend, mother and wife.
It changed who I am. I am not me.
This isn't the person I wanted to be.
I've struggled with feelings of pain and despair,
fought to find doctors and people who care.
Alone in a world I once thrived in each day,
wondering how much more must I pay?
I can't sleep at night, I lay there awake,
Wondering how much more of this can I take.
My legs aches are endless, I can barely walk.
I know others are worse, so who am I to talk?
My back, head and arms they have the pain too.
Its all over my body, the pain that runs through.
There is no cure for this syndrome of mine,
I must carry it with me and march on in time.
March to raise awareness and hope to end pain.
Maybe I can help someone else cope in God's name.

Please help me raise awareness for this very painful invisible illness.

I've had fibromyalgia long enough to know something has to be done for us. We can not keep living like this. We need to find a cure or at least a treatment that promises hope and a future.
Thank you for your time,
Heidi White

Monday, February 1, 2010

Time goes by

Wow, where has the time went. I think I gave up on my blog for a while. Maybe I even gave up on myself. I just got caught up in the holidays, which I didn't want to be here and the day to day life of being a fibromite I guess.
I found a good Rhuemy! She took me off the Lyrica. Thank God! The side effects of that medication were far worse then the pain I felt that got me to take it in the first place. This doctor listened to me. I think it was a first for me :). She has set me up on a medication plan that seems to be having a good effect on me and it actually is helping with the pain. Not always but mostly.
I have managed to keep my spirits up now that the new year has begun. I'm hoping for this year to be my good year. I'm due, we all are.
Will have new blog coming right up!