Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday October 5th, 2009

I'm going to use my blog as a journal, a diary...a blogary! I need to do this to track my symptoms and activity, etc. I will always "title" them with dates. Not names. If you choose not to read those, I understand.

Dear Blogary,
Today I am feeling slightly energetic but to sore and weak to do anything about it. I did go to town today and meet Bob for lunch. After that I ran a couple errands and on my way home I was exhausted. I couldn't wait to get home. My limbs are weak, probably from lack of use! Actually, this is untrue. I have a good day and then I over do it. So afraid to not get it all done. I should just do a little at a time in small doses. Maybe I'll try this.
My legs have that "Ive been all them all day" feeling, but I haven't. There is always that severe stabbing, burning, aching feeling in my left BUTT. Oh how I hate that.
My Left arm is numb. I really don't know how to explain it other than that but there surely is another issue than numbness with it. It kinda feels electric. Weird huh?
I have that headache that is not quite a headache lingering in the back of my head. Just waiting there patiently. Waiting till I have something planned or even worse, my kids have something planned. Hope it chills there for a while, I really don't have time for it.
I did however drink a cup of coffee this morning. You see, Bob, my husband, is on patrol. he is on it when it comes to stopping me from having things that are gonna get me later. But today, he felt for me and let me have a cup. Maybe I wont tell him about the headache and he just might do it again!
Sierra has a conference today. Oh the thought of sitting in that little elementary sized chair. Not excited about that, at all. Oh well it will be over in 15 minutes.
Then I'm home to watch the Biggest Loser and leave for my bible study group. Hopefully I survive to the end of the day. I'm already exhausted.
Back at ya later,


  1. Hi Heidi, I totally feel for you. It's so hard to do anything when you are feeling totally fatigued and sitting in those elementary sized chairs, even for 15 minutes, is pure torture.

    I also have severe pain in my left butt! It comes and goes but it often gets bad enough that I feel I'll need a cane to walk if it gets any worse.

    I hope you make it through your day without getting that headache.

    Hugs to you fibro sister.

  2. Hi Heidi,
    Hope the school conference went quickly with little discomfort.
    How lucky you are to have a hubby that polices you.LOL I have been on de-caff for approx. 4 months now and it has helped the headaches and the palpitations I was having.
    Hope you are getting some rest today.

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